Welcome, and thank you for taking an interest in my work. I am currently working through more layers of my onion in search of my ultimate TRUTH. This includes uncovering my shadow and learning to nourish it. My interpretation of the shadow is that part of ourselves that may be difficult to see, our dark side. Either we are blind to it or unwilling to face it. We sometimes pretend it isn’t there, much like your real shadow on a cloudy day. However, just because we cannot see it, does not mean it doesn’t exist. Our shadow will always return, just as the sun always shines. If we do not find a way to accept, love, and nourish our shadow, it will emerge in the least flattering ways.

I choose to intentionally seek out my shadow and face my dark side. I choose to be fully aware of my darkness so I can channel that energy constructively. I explore many behaviors. Behaviors such as passive/aggressive, unhealthy self-talk, stories we tell, and other actions that seem to be programmed and unconscious. It’s amazing what we do without thinking. When faced with our truth, what we uncover is so empowering.

I share my journey in hopes to help others. I share with vulnerability and willingness. I allow myself to be seen. I show you both my light and my darkness. Who knows, you may even relate and uncover some powerful truths of your own!!! I hope you do.

I will be posting blogs as I am inspired. I attempted to create a set schedule, however that created a pressure that blocked my flow. I made the choice to fully surrender to my experience. That means, I will write when the inspiration hits and allow myself time and space to let it happen according to the universes plan. I have learned that when I am in control, I tend to create chaos. When I surrender, the magic happens! I surrender!

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With Gratitude,

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