When I met Willow, I had been struggling for years on and off with depression and was just a couple of weeks out from a total mental breakdown. I felt locked inside myself, distrustful of others, my body broken and my mind as an enemy. She earned my trust immediately by embodying the adage "Love Everyone and Tell the Truth" . She invited me to show up as myself, not as the victim of life I was pretending to be. We shared many conversations in which she helped me see how I had given away my power, and that it was time to take responsibility for my story and weave a beautiful tapestry out of my experiences. Her presence in my life is one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given -- through working with her I was shown that I, too, am a strong, loving woman who can show up unapologetically. I have since stepped into my divine call to weave a life of beauty and wonder. Through Willow sharing her story with me, I have begun to take ownership of re-writing my own in concert with all that is around me -- and oh how the sun shines, how the waters sing! Thank you Willow, thank you!

Susan Hughes

First time I worked with Willow I didn't know what to think. Truly, she is straight-forward in manner and yet gentle. My session turned out to be an eye-opener in regards to getting right to the crux of what I was trying to put into words with her pointed questions and compassionate ear to hear what my heart was saying. She has a great way of finding out whats matters most is so as to be able to help the client in the best way possible. The session for me was grounding, mind-blowing and surreal. Yet I left with the best intentions and renewed purpose and knowledge that Willow shifted my focus with higher good for me and the quick follow up before I left was like a mini powerhouse coaching tidbits to help me get started. I can't tell you how thankful I am to have worked with her and look forward to additional work in my future.

Ann Marie "Nims" Meadows
Naples, FL

I wasn’t even sure of what I was in search of. I was ill at ease - ‘dis-eased’ - off balance - uncomfortable in my own skin. I recently cried out - Willow Green heard my plea - she showed me a way. On a most beautiful day, that started with a purifying burning of sage and ended with the most genuine, sincere, heartfelt hug of reassurance that I can remember, Willow Green left me believing that whatever obstacles life put in my path, I WILL be ‘okay’. These are my own words, offered freely. I Love Willow Green. Thank You - just for being you ... and seeing me.

Gary T.

I met Willow by divine intervention. She turned my life away from self-destruction with a slow turn towards self-construction. She has completely changed the way I deal with anxiety, hopelessness, Crazy imagination and fear. This book is packed with quotes and paragraphs suited to put you back on path, lift you up and help you move forward. I keep her book with me most of the time with Pages flagged to deal with my momentary relapses. One quick read and I am back on course. I have a long way to go and I am thankful Willow is my travel guide. God bless her and every soul she touches.

Bill Boone

I am grateful for you, dear Willow of the Truth, emissary of the divine, high priestess of the unseen. You have helped me to bring everything together, bring my life into focus and intention. I will never be the same, the old path is gone, in its place, the path of the wizard love warrior, every step, every mishap, every intention for this moment, the moment of Truth, of remembrance of the truest self. I am eternally blessed and grateful for this. There are not enough thank you’s that I can give you.

Jay Sun

Willow is dedicated to supporting others on their journey to wholeness and remembering their own power. Witnessing Willow coaching others, encouraged me to hire her as a life coach. I decided to hire her because my own life needed some empowerment. I felt empowered in my career but when it came to my relationships, my sense of personal power disappeared. When I saw her speaking confidently to empower herself and others, I was inspired. Willow went beyond my expectations as a life coach. She held me accountable to my goals, talked me through tough situations, allowed me to see how I could speak confidently with compassion for myself and others. Because of the coaching I did with Willow, I stepped into bigger leadership roles in my career and manifested experiences better than I had dreamed. In my relationships, I found better ways of communicating and asking for what I need from others. This allowed me to have more fulfilling relationships and the ones that weren’t, ended. As I gained more awareness of my emotions through the coaching, Willow held space for me to process them. Numbing out my emotions, especially anger, wasn’t even something I was aware of I was doing. It wasn’t helping me to numb out or stuff my emotions down. Willow gave me tools and methods for healthy ways to release anger and frustration. At the end of the coaching, I was not dependent on Willow as a coach - I know though if I needed her support with something I could contact her and she would be there for me. I have and will continue to recommend friends and people looking for a transformational life coach to work with Willow. Because of Willow’s passion and determination, she helped me to dissolve blocks that were holding me back. I stepped into a greater more empowered version of myself in not only my career but also in my relationships with others. Through the process of coaching with Willow, I feel more confident, happy and fulfilled in my life.

Lizz Cohoon

I had spent the better part of three years trying to find my way out of the darkness after a very traumatic end to a long-term romantic relationship. I had lost touch with myself and let pieces of me fall by the wayside. I slowly began retrieval of those pieces, but still hadn’t found that final release from the spiritual and emotional burden I was carrying. Through a chance encounter, I met Willow and did an intuitive card reading. It was immediately life-altering in that I was given some perspective on my situation that I hadn’t seen before. It allowed me to ‘cut the chord’ on the negative influence that had held me back for so long! I did a follow-up energy work session with Willow a week later and started to reconnect the missing parts of me, energetically, spiritually and emotionally. I cannot overstate the fact that meeting Willow created a real turning point in my life. I will be eternally grateful...she’s an amazing human being who has chosen to share her gifts and experiences to help others. Much love and light!

Myron Lauzon

Thank you for your tarot readings and energy work this summer. You bring skill, experience, and intuitive insights to both. The readings helped me to see more deeply into patterns and opportunities, and they were fun too! The energy work was transformative and healing. I appreciated your guidance during the session and I loved the drum work you included. It really helped me to clear stuck energy and refill myself with what I want instead. Thank you for listening to your guides and conveying those messages even if they didn't make sense to you. They made sense to me and were very healing. Thanks for all that you do!


Before working with Willow I had a good life. I come from a family that loves me. I had a fantastic education through the college level. I had traveled all over the world, seen amazing things, and met wonderful people. I had been in relationships, some of them loving, for a time. But none of that mattered, because it seemed no matter how many people I dated, no matter how many beautiful places I explored, or how much I threw myself into learning- I always ended up in the same cycle of self loathing and destruction. I couldn’t see the foundation of love in my life because I didn’t know how to love myself. I didn’t have the tools I needed to break the cycle of ancestral wounding, learned behavior, and addiction. So I would just ride the cycle out, getting to the peak and thinking maybe this time I won’t plummet down again. And then falling down deeper than I ever had before. It was terrifying, and lonely, and a part of me thought I would never find a way past it. That maybe that was just how life was. I heard an interview with Willow on Susun Weed’s herbal health advice podcast. It was during one of darkest periods of my life. I had just completed a difficult and messy relationship ending in a miscarriage, was drinking heavily with the excuse of numbing the pain, and living back home with my family because the people who raised me were both diagnosed with cancer within 3 months of each other. I was a mess. And I knew if I was going to survive my own head, let alone the very normal ebbs and flows of life, something had to change. So I called her for a free 30 minute consultation and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made for myself. My experience working with Willow reverberated through every aspect of my life. She has simple, effective tools learned through hard won experience and everything she does is imbued with an incredible amount of love. In fact, in certain ways, she redefined the whole concept of love for me. Before, there were pieces of me that felt if I took time to myself, and stood firm in my boundaries and self-care that I was being selfish, not self-loving. So I spent a good majority of my time feeling resentful because I wasn’t honoring my own needs. Working with Willow shifted my entire inner landscape so I had the capacity to “meet life on life’s terms” as Willow would say. And this has been true, the outer landscape of my life has not actually changed that much. What has changed, thanks to Willow Green, is my perspective of myself. A fundamental shift that, in truth, changes everything. I would highly recommend working with Willow for anyone who feels lost within the labyrinth that our lives can sometimes appear to be. She is not the guide, because each life is different, but she can show you how to access your own inner map. So you can begin rising to the challenges of life, instead of being bulldozed by them.

Gabrielle Sisson

Thank you Willow Green for your session with me!! For anyone that may be considering booking a session, I highly recommend! As one that works with energy myself I can attest Willow is 100% the real deal! If you’ve ever felt like you’ve been holding onto something from the past, felt like something is preventing you from moving forward, and just plain old stuck in a Mind/body/spiritual rut, of your session is anything like mine, you’ll leave transformed feeling whole, centered, grounded, and serene. My entire session was full of the most beautiful loving energy imaginable and I am entirely grateful for the incredible experience! Once again thank you! You are such a blessed gift love!!

Jane Taylor

Since I began my new 'Journey' in life upon meeting you just two short months ago, I thank you every day for poking, proding, listening, speaking and offering the truth in reflection of what you saw and heard from me right from the start. You offered the Truth In my life I have so related to looking for and seeking. I deluded myself by not listening to the truth of my being and what I new was right for me. Your listening and teaching allowed new openings to occur with new ways ways of Living, Responding, Giving, Listening, Being, and Loving Life. My Authentic Self is showing up and feels great.

Mark Bassett