Willow’s Services

Step into your full potential. Your power is limitless.

You can have it all. Limitless abundance is possible. You can experience personal freedom. You can manifest your dreams. You can create the reality you desire.

Anything is possible.

Release yourself from limiting beliefs and step into your personal power. You will experience personal liberation through intuitive coaching, transformational sessions and ongoing support.

Unlike traditional therapy, we start where you are and focus on the solution. The objective is identifying your purpose, establishing healthy goals and manifesting them. This is solution- based support allowing you to shift your perspective, transforming your obstacles into your assets. The goal is to harness all your energy, step into your personal power and manifest your dream life.

Are you ready to have it all?

Are you ready to manifest your dreams?

Are you ready for limitless abundance?

Are you ready to claim what is yours?

To learn more about how you can have it all, schedule your no obligation discovery call today.

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Mentorship Program

You will gain clarity, confidence and a new perspective on life.

Better sex.

Healthier relationships.


What else do you want? You can have that too…

To learn how you can have it all, schedule a discovery call today.

Mentorship Session

What do you want? You can have it, it’s a simple shift in your perspective…

Transformational Sessions

We hold trauma in our cells. This is a session for deep healing and trauma release.

A great addition or stand-alone service for both individuals and small groups. They include a combination of shamanic breath work, sound therapy, reiki, meditation, and visualization. By releasing all that no longer serves you, you open up space for more of what brings you joy.

We hold stress and trauma in our bodies, which leads to pain and Dis-Ease. Through deep breathing, sound vibration and music we have the ability to release what weighs us down and holds us back. Transform stress, pain, and trauma into love and compassion.

The space is sacred. You will feel the love and support from your guides, angels, and the universe. It’s natural to leave with profound healing, feeling lighter, and blissfulness.

Soul Symbols

Each person has unique qualities, gifts, and abilities to create. You have your own frequencies, powers, and attributes. These symbols are an opportunity to claim your powers.
Accept assistance and step into greater potential.

The symbol is your gift and is specific to your request. No two symbols are alike and the symbols only work for the person intended. They cannot be duplicated or shared. You may have more than one for different areas of your life.


Wonderful opportunity to be guided on a magical journey for guidance and relaxation. You will have the option to release what no longer serves you, opening up space for what you truly desire. This is an amazing opportunity that can be recorded and used again and again as needed.

Workshops Available

Personal Growth, Group Bonding, Self-Expression, Spiritual Mandala creation and reading, Rewrite your story, Self-Nourishment, Self-love, Find Your Voice, Connect to the infinite Power Within

  Services can be performed remotely.

Fees vary depending details, supplies required, location, and number of attendees.

For more information, schedule a discovery call at no cost to you. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.