Change Your Story, Change Your Reality

What do you want?
To live without fear?
To express yourself authentically?
To honor yourself without guilt?
To release yourself from old patterns and relationships?
Better Sex?
Healthier Relationships?
To Step into your power with ease and grace?
What new freedom do you wish to experience?
It’s time to take control of your life and rewrite the ending you want to experience.

My specialty and where I have been most successful is working with men.
Men who are punishing themselves for previous relationships.
Men who are blocked in love.
Men who keep attracting the wrong women.
Men you want to experience connection.
Men who are losing their wife/girlfriend/lover and don’t understand why.
Men who give their lover everything money can buy, yet can’t figure out what the disconnect is and why the woman they love isn’t happy.
Men who are willing to explore a new way of being.

What the men are saying…

“I am grateful for you, dear Willow of the Truth, emissary of the divine, high priestess of the unseen. You have helped me to bring everything together, bring my life into focus and intention. I will never be the same, the old path is gone, in its place, the path of the wizard love warrior, every step, every mishap, every intention for this moment, the moment of Truth, of remembrance of the truest self. I am eternally blessed and grateful for this. There are not enough thank you’s that I can give you.” – Jay Sun

“I met Willow by divine intervention. She turned my life away from self-destruction with a slow turn towards self-construction. She has completely changed the way I deal with anxiety, hopelessness, Crazy imagination and fear… I have a long way to go and I am thankful Willow is my travel guide. God bless her and every soul she touches.” – Bill B

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by simply changing your story, your life shifts exponentially.


I wasn’t even sure of what I was in search of. I was ill at ease - ‘dis-eased’ - off balance - uncomfortable in my own skin. I recently cried out - Willow Green heard my plea - she showed me a way. On a most beautiful day, that started with a purifying burning of sage and ended with the most genuine, sincere, heartfelt hug of reassurance that I can remember, Willow Green left me believing that whatever obstacles life put in my path, I WILL be ‘okay’. These are my own words, offered freely. I Love Willow Green. Thank You - just for being you ... and seeing me.

Gary T.

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